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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Share the Road Safely Program provides an opportunity for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers to set the example for other drivers on how to share the road safely. At the same time, it offers the truck and bus drivers the chance to improve their professional image each day they are behind the wheel. Surveys indicate that many highway users are intimidated by the mere size of a truck or bus. When you combine this perception with a highway crash and the resulting roadway congestion, the public image of the motor carrier industry takes a beating no matter who caused the crash. By driving safely to prevent crashes, you can improve that image and save yourself time, money, and most importantly lives.

As part of the Share the Road Safely Program, the No-Zone Campaign is a highway safety initiative that educates people about the blind spots around large trucks and buses. Some No-Zones are so large that a car virtually disappears from the view of the truck or bus driver. You, as a truck driver, know this; the other highway users probably don't.

You've also experienced how frustrating it is to have smaller vehicles cut in front of you in heavy traffic. If they hit the brakes, you may not be able to stop, which can lead to a serious crash or fatality. You know this, but they don't. To prevent these situations, the Share the Road Safely Program teaches other highway users about the operating characteristics of large vehicles on the highway and their operating limitations.

The FMCSA believes that the more people know about how to share the road safely, the fewer number of injuries and fatalities will be caused by crashes with large trucks or buses. Professional truck and bus drivers can best help us in this effort by being the proverbial "Knight of the Road" each day you're out there. Drive defensively, give them plenty of room, and expect the unexpected.

If you are interested in educating the public about how to Share the Road Safely, talk to your company about participating in No-Zone demonstrations or placing No-Zone decals on your truck or bus. To learn more about these programs and get special tips for driving safely click on the links below.


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